Character Building

Basic Build:

  1. Choose Race/Subrace
  2. Choose Class
  3. Choose Background
  4. Choose Alignment
  5. Choose Name
  6. Determine Ability Scores
  7. Apply Race/Class/Background Bonuses
  8. Enter Proficiency Bonus (+2)
  9. Determine Proficiency (Race/Class/Background)
  10. Calculate Proficiency
    1. Saving throws
    2. Skills
  11. Features / Traits
  12. Calculate/Enter other Stats
    1. Passive Wisdom
    2. HP / Hit DIce (Class)
    3. Initiative (Dex Mod)
    4. Speed (Race)
  13. Determine Equipment (Class)
  14. Enter Final Stats:
    1. AC
    2. Weapon Stats
    3. Money
  15. Spells

Character Relationship Building Notes:

Characters should establish bonds with each other as well as reasons they hate each other.

Reasons characters might know each other:

  • Grew up near each other
  • Siblings (Biological or Adopted)
  • Worked together in a craft
  • Worked together as adventurers

Reasons characters might hate another:

  • Sibling rivalry
  • Conflicting bonds
  • Conflicting Alignments
  • Class conflict (e.g. Noble vs Thief)

Shared Backstory:

Players must answer these questions about their shared backstory:

  1. What was your group doing in Amn?
  2. Why is your group going to Baulder’s Gate?

Character Building

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