Nashkel Detention


Your group has been traveling north from Amn toward Baldur’s Gate for a week now. The past few days you’ve been resting in Nashkel after crossing The Cloud Peaks. Nashkel is an iron mining town at the base of the Cloud Peaks. There are a few hundred full time residence and a constant stream of bustling traders buying and selling Iron. A carnival of gambling and entertainment under colorful tents is setup on the east side of town.

The details aren’t clear, but while spending her time at the Belching Dragon, Lenora broke 2 tables, 3 chairs, 5 glasses, 2 noses and the feelings of a officer of the law. The remainder of the group have just now returned from the gaming tents to see Lenora being dragged across the street from the Belching Dragon to the town’s garrison.

To continue your travels north, your leader must be released.

Things you know

After a few days in town you know the following things:

  • A dozen or so guards keep out goblin raiders and keep the peace in town.
  • The Leader of the Guards is Leg Sodisen; a one legged man. You met him while in town. He knows that your group travels together.
  • The Charges: Drunk and Disorderly conduct. Disturbing the Peaceful in a Tavern. Destruction of private property. Verbally assaulting an officer.
  • Leg is asking for a fine of 80gp (20gp per charge) to be paid.
  • Lenora will be released after 3 days if no fines are paid.
  • Leg has agreed to free Lenora if the group helps his men deal with goblins in the area. He asks for 15 pairs of goblin ears as payment.

Nashkel Detention

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